Primary Singing Time Playlist

Do your primary children need help recalling and remembering all of the amazing songs that they learned in Primary this year? To help our own primary children, I have created sing-along song videos for all of the songs I have taught the children this year. They are compiled into an Easy Playlist where the songs will just automatically cycle through them all.

I also created a card that you can email, text, or print and handout to your primary kids and their parents so they can be practicing in the car, at home, or anywhere else. I love it when I hear my kids sing primary songs in my home. The other day, I smiled when I heard my teenager sing one of the primary songs I love to play on the piano during the day. The power of primary outside of the wonderful children, is the spirit that is felt through the music that teaches truth.

I hope this playlist is helpful to your kids and primary children. Each of these songs also has matching chalkboard visual aids that you can print and use to teach the children. Here is a list of the primary songs we have available on our website and check back often as we will continue to add more singing time content.

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List of Primary Songs for 2022

  1. I Know My Father Lives
  2. He Sent His Son
  3. Help Me, Dear Father
  4. Keep the Commandments
  5. I Will Walk With Jesus
  6. A Child’s Prayer
  7. I Love to See the Temple
  8. Teach Me to Walk in the Light
  9. Kindness Begins With Me

List of Other Primary Songs

  1. Search, Ponder, and Pray
  2. Follow The Prophet: Noah
  3. When He Comes Again
  4. Article of Faith #1
  5. Article of Faith #2

List of Holiday Ideas

  1. Easter Idea for Singing Time

Primary Playlist on YouTube

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Music Dynamics

We just added this fun way to teach children about Dynamics. Check it out in our shop!