The Article of Faith #1 Singing Time

 I wrote the words out to Article of Faith #1 and used “Allen the Alligator” who “ate” the articles of faith words. I attached it to a chalkboard eraser and picked kids throughout the time we were learning the words to have Allen eat the words. The kids loved it.

Here is “Allen the Alligator” if you want to use it in your primary just click on the image below. I also gave the kids a copy of the Article of Faith Chain to help them work on it at home. 

We also gave every child the Article of Faith #1 Chain. You can download it for FREE in our Facebook Group. Go to Facebook Group

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DOWNLOAD “Allen the Alligator” Here

The Article of Faith #1 Allen the Alligator

Use the videos below to help the primary kids memorize the Articles of Faith.

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Article of Faith #1

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