Keep the Commandments Song

Chalkboard Visuals:

This month we are learning the song called “Keep the Commandments.” This was one of my favorites from my childhood and it is super easy to learn since there are a lot of repeated lyrics.

Here are the visuals I made to use in my ward. I put a repeat sign on the bottom of the signs that need to be repeated right after singing the words. To help them learn the song, I am going to draw tic-tac-toe lines on the chalkboard and then cut out the ten commandments and the peace sign. I printed 4 copies of each.

How to Play:

Divide the room up into 2 groups. One group is the ten commandments and the other group is the peace sign. Pick a child from each side of the room (they will represent their team) and have them come to the front. Put a bell that they can ring or tap to make a noise. Everyone will sing the song as much as you have worked on so far and then the piano player will stop playing at anytime.

The child that knows the next word, rings the bell and says the next word. If they get it right, they get to place the ten commandment or peace sign on the tic-tac-toe board. Keep practicing and playing until you have a tic-tac-toe winner!

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Another Singing Time Idea

Print on cardstock or regular paper and cut it out. During Singing Time or during FHE, pick a child and have them pick one of the tablets. Then sing the song “Keep the Commandments.” While the children sing, have the child that picked the commandment, color it as quick as they can. When the song is done, they can add the tablet to the chalkboard. You can also teach them the hand signs from the video below and write down what commandment it is or what the blessing of keeping the commandment is on the dotted line.

If there is time at the end use the numbers and have the kids match them with the right commandment. You can pass out the handout with all the commandments on one page for the kids to review and color at home.

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The Ten Commandments

Here is a fun video to teach kids the ten commandments plus easy to remember hand signs. There is also an easy object lesson that the kids can learn and then how to teach it during Family Home Evening.

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