The Sabbath Day: Sunday Box

Sometimes kids can complain on Sundays about being bored or that they can’t do anything on Sundays. Watch the video below and learn why keeping the Sabbath day holy is important and 10 ideas to add to your own Sunday box!

The Sunday Box: The Creation

Bug Kit: Pick up a bug kit at the Dollar Store and let you kids explore their own backyard or go for a walk in your neighborhood and see what bugs they find. Tell them how God created all living things even the insects.

The Creation Pinwheel & Matching Game: Print the pinwheel and cut it out. Attach with a brad and use it to help your kids learn what happened on what day of the week. Then use the Matching Game to see if they remember what day each of God’s creations happened. CLICK HERE to get your copy!

Sign Language Video: Watch and learn how to sign 20 different that were on Noah’s Ark. 

Noah’s Ark Mission Match: Watch and learn how to sign 20 different that were on Noah’s Ark. CLICK HERE for Noah’s Ark Game. 

Family Game Time: We like to play board games as a family like ticket to ride and put puzzles together as a family. This is a great way to spend time with our family. God gave us families so we can feel loved and taught about Jesus. We also made a game called “Kindness Quest.” My kids love to play it especially when they get to eat the Starburst when they land on the star. You can get it in on our website too. CLICK HERE for Kindness Quest Game.

Sunday Treats: Make a treat with the family like cookies, cinnamon rolls, or beignets! Those are so yummy they are like donuts. Then make a plate and give it to a neighbor to wish them a Happy Sunday and attach one of these tags to the treat.

Family History: Pick a Sunday once a month and have a birthday party for your ancestors that had birthdays that month. You can use our Get to know your ancestor worksheets to learn something new about them. If you know what they love to eat you can also make that for dinner or a traditional meal they might have eaten in their country. CLICK HERE for Printable.

Scriptures: Sundays are great days to study the scriptures. We get to read our scriptures as we study Come Follow Me and our family always reads the Book of Mormon everyday. We are just starting to memorize some of our favorite scriptures too or study the scriptures by topic and use our Scripture Can printable. There are lots of fun ways to read and understand the scriptures together as a family on Sunday. CLICK HERE for Printable.

Come Follow Me: We love to watch all of the great shows about Come Follow Me. Some of our favorites are listed in our weekly playlist. Just go to our YouTube Channel and click on Playlist, you will see this week’s playlist of a collection of our favorite videos. It is fun to learn from other people and then talk about it with our family on Sunday.

BYU TV: We have three family favorite shows that we love on BYU TV: Random Acts, Relative Race, and The Chosen. My kids always say I cry everytime I watch them. I do love those shows and they teach us about kindness, the importance of family, and about Jesus.

The Articles of Faith: We are working on learning the articles of faith. I learned them as a child and still remember and use them many times. We have a whole series of videos you can use on Sundays to memorize, learn about them, and sing-along with us. We use these ice cream scoops to help the kids keep track of how many they have learned. When they are all done, we have a BIG ice cream and favorite movie party as a family.
CLICK HERE for Printables

Sing a Song: You can pick a primary song or learn the cupstoration song that sister missionaries sang. You can download our printables and attach them to a cup to help you learn about what happened when Jesus and his apostles did and then how Joseph Smith restored the gospel. CLICK HERE for Printables.

Work on Goals: Did you watch my kids tell you about setting goals and using the Primary and Youth Goal program? You can use these printables to help you track and set goals. Sundays are good days to track your progress and see how you are doing. The spiritual goals are perfect to work on Sundays too. CLICK HERE for Printables.

Setting Goals