The Ten Commandments

Moses was given the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. There are two great commandments that the 10 commandments: love God and love others. Did you watch the video I did about these two commandments?

Savannah taught you how to make a paper heart and we wrote a letter to someone telling them how much we loved them. You can DOWNLOAD a FREE Printable to write your own letter and then fold it into a heart. The heart tutorial is in the video above.

The Ten Commandments

My kids will teach you the 10 commandments and an easy way to remember what they are and in what order by using our hands! Watch the video below and then grab our Ten Commandments Kit for just $2.95 to play the Matching Game and to make a Tiny Ten Commandment Book!


Learn what the 10 Commandments are and hand signs to remember them!

FREE Printable

Here is a fun printable for FREE that you can use at home or for church. 

Print a copy for each child. Have them color in the picture and then learn about the Ten Commandments. You can scan the QR code below to watch a video that explains all of the Ten Commandments or watch each individual video when you scan the Ten Commandments Playlist. Write down the number of the commandment in the circle and on the dotted line a short word or two about what it is.