Nativity Christmas Ornaments with Rocks

This is a fun way to Light the World and spread God’s love to a neighbor, friend, or in the home. Make fun and easy Christmas Nativity ornaments from small rocks and pebbles. Here is an introduction video, a how-to video, as well as the music video for the song “Little Baby Jesus” that Patti Rokus from Rocks Tell Stories created.

Little Baby Jesus Music Video

Serve Others With Nativity Ornament

How To Make Rock Nativity Ornaments

You can look for rocks in the gravel or pick up a small bag at the Dollar Store. Use the printable to attach to a paper ornament or pick up some small shapes from Walmart or the Dollar Store. I used hot glue to attach the ornaments. Attach the tag and gift it to a neighbor, friend, family member, or put it on your tree!

FREE Printable

Click on the button to download this FREE Printable! We can’t wait to see what your ornaments look like! Post and share them online. Tag us @MTCforKids and @RocksTellStories so we can see them.

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