Articles of Faith: Invite Cards


Note: We are currently on Article of Faith #9.

Need help getting your primary kids to learn the Articles of Faith? Throw an Ice Cream Social or end of the year Ice Cream Party for all the kids that learned all or some of the Articles of Faith.

Each month we are focusing on one Article of Faith. We have videos, printables, and other resources to help. Pass out these “Get the “Scoop” about Primary this month at the beginning of every month so that the kids and parents know what Article of Faith you are working on. 

We are on Article of Faith #8 but you can download all of them right now and catch up or just start at the beginning. We will post new “scoop” cards each month for you to use!

Instructions: Print on white cardstock or regular paper. Punch out with a 3-inch circle punch or just cut into squares. Give each child one to take home at the beginning of the month. Each week we will be posting another video to help the kids learn about that month’s Article of Faith.  

Coordinating Printables can be purchased in our Etsy Store including: coloring pages, fill in the blank, musical chairs, posters, bubblegum chart, ice cream scoops, and more! Just CLICK HERE to go to our Etsy Store!